4th International Conference on Cultural Sustainable Tourism (CST)

Organização: CEDTUR & IEREK – International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange.

terça-feira, 22 novembro 2022 a quarta-feira, 23 novembro 2022
Universidade da Maia

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At the 4th International Conference on Cultural Sustainable Tourism, which is now presented, we consider the guidelines of the World Tourism Organisation which defines Cultural Tourism as a category of tourism that contributes, today, to the tourist's understanding of other places and destinations, namely for the knowledge of their cultural and artistic imprints, their literature and history, as well as for the experience of ethno-anthropological imprints of the host communities. 

One of the aims of promoting cultural tourism and preserving cultural inheritance and heritage is to provide a new understanding of cultures and lifestyles, education, literature and the arts. In the same way, it seeks to blur stereotypes about past or foreign brands of civilisation and overcome essentialist visions of culture, so as to contribute to integration and the promotion of global dialogue. 

As a result, IEREK together with the University of Maia (Portugal) is organising this 4th edition of the International Conference on Cultural Sustainable Tourism (CST2022), in order to help researchers discuss sustainable approaches to cultural heritage preservation. The conference also aims to deepen a mutual understanding on the importance of green tourism by explaining the techniques, in various times and geographies, of spreading their cultures. 

The Conference is organised into 6 main topics, namely

i) Imprints of sustainable tourism; 

ii) Policies and Mechanisms for Heritage Preservation; 

iii) User Interaction Based Development; 

iv) Social and Economic impacts; 

v)  Future Prospects and Trends of Tourism; 

vi) Sustainable Environment: Geography and Tourism. 

The selected papers benefit from their publication in the ASTI collection of the prestigious publishing house SPRINGER with indexation in SCOPUS

This 4th edition of the conference is therefore an opportunity for integration to allow participants from different cultures and backgrounds to present their perspectives and positions on the subject.

Site da Conferência: https://www.ierek.com/events/cultural-sustainable-tourism-cst-4th-edition#introduction