6th International Conference on Cultural Sustainable Tourism (CST)

Organização: CEDTUR & IEREK – International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange.

terça-feira, 28 maio 2024 a quinta-feira, 30 maio 2024

The Cultural Sustainable Tourism Conference is a dedicated gathering aims to exploring the intersection of Travel, Tourism, Culture, and Sustainability. This conference serves as a platform to discuss and promote responsible tourism practices while preserving and celebrating the world's diverse cultural heritage.

Under the guidance of policies and instructions aimed at fostering sustainable tourism, At IEREK we come together to address the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. By examining the delicate balance between cultural immersion and environmental preservation, we aim to develop strategies that benefit both the communities we visit and the planet we share.

Through this conference, esteemed experts, policymakers, industry professionals, and passionate travelers will engage in thought-provoking discussions, sharing insights and experiences that shed light on the importance of cultural sustainability. We will explore innovative approaches to destination management, community engagement, and the conservation of cultural sites, all while considering the policies and guidelines that govern these practices.

Through interactive sessions, and presentations, we will delve into topics such as responsible tourism planning, authentic cultural experiences, community-driven initiatives, and the role of education in fostering sustainable travel. By examining successful case studies and best practices, we aim to inspire and equip attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to make a positive impact in the realm of cultural sustainable tourism.

By participating in this conference, you become an integral part of the global movement to preserve our world's cultural heritage and promote sustainable travel practices. Together, we can forge a path towards a future where tourism not only enriches the lives of travelers but also supports the well-being of local communities and safeguards the environment.

IEREK invites you to join us at the 6th Edition of the "Cultural Sustainable Tourism" Conference, where ideas are exchanged, collaborations are formed, and new possibilities for responsible travel are explored. Let us come together to embrace the transformative power of cultural sustainability and create a more harmonious and inclusive future for travelers and host communities alike.

Conference Scope:

The scope of this conference extensively covers the subject of sustainability specifically concerning cultural tourism, which is essential to the topic, to continually reap its mutual benefits for cities, residents, and tourists for generations. The conference addresses a multitude of essential issues covering the subject of tourism, including cities’ heritage preservation, environmental & green tourism, economic impacts of tourism, digital integration in the tourism experience, and principles of sustainability within the discipline.

Statement of Purpose:

This conference aims to ensure a sustainable method for travel and mobility, mitigating the harmful effects of international transportation on the climate, and preserving a safe future for our planet. This conference also aims to preserve the historical, and cultural hallmarks of nations & cities, while ensuring a captivating, and comfortable experience for tourists. Aiming to achieve these aspirational goals, the conference aims to enrich and enliven aspects such as social development, a focus on green space incorporation, integration of digital technology, promotion of health & safety, and responsible waste management around touristic areas.

Conference website: https://www.ierek.com/events/cultural-sustainable-tourism-cst-6th-edition#introduction